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Information on bonsai care (bite size)


Below you will find some basic information on bonsai care.

Please be advised that there is more to the topic which you will enjoy discovering.

You will find detailed information on our recommended links page.


Location, Indoor or outdoor?


As bonsai trees are often displayed indoors, beginners mistakenly believe that all bonsai trees can be kept inside. This is not true, however you may bring an outdoor bonsai tree inside for a few days if you wish. Keeping in mind the plant's needs such as light, oxygen, humidity, and water (and remember to return your bonsai back outside).


Watering, how often?


There are many factors! Such as tree-species, size of the tree (and pot), soil mixture, and climate.

In summer you must be careful that your trees do not dry out. Water your tree when the top of the soil is dry (or nearly dry). Simply check with your thumb to see if the soil is drying (keep soil moist).

Watering is the most important part of taking care of your bonsai, therefore we suggest you do a thorough research on watering bonsai.

The smaller the pot size the more difficult it gets to keep the soil moist, especially on very hot days. In summer, remember to water once in the morning and once in the afternoon. If you are a beginner remember to check the soil with your finger how its going in the time between.

Fertilizing, when?

Regular fertilizing is another important aspect of bonsai care. Fertilize during the growth season from early Spring till Autumn. You may choose to use a liquid fertilizer or a solid one as a slow release option.

Repotting, how often?

This depends on the size of the pot and type of the tree. Fast growing ones need to be repotted every two years (some every year, while older ones every 3 to 5 years. Your tree needs to be repotted when the roots circle around the root system. Remember that repotting needs to be done when the tree is still in dormancy. With experience one may root prune and repot at any time of the year under the right conditions by manipulating the environment. But beginners should stick to the safe periods of Spring or Autumn. If you require repotting we can assist!

Your questions are important to us, if your question is not listed here please do not hesitate to contact us.

Below we have added some videos for inspiration and educational purposes. We'll be uploading more soon...




























A beautiful short video by Oscar Jonker, Bonsai Empire to inspire you.

A beautiful short video by Ryan Bush exploring the relationship between trees and people through the lenses of a professional bonsai talent Ryan Neil.

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