Greeting Cards (Highly Recommended)


It's always nice to show some appreciation – sure you can call, text or email, however holding and reading a card feels much better. A handwritten card can be picked up time and again to be reread for new understandings and connections. They remind us that someone cared enough to take the time to think of us.

Here are some tips to craft your perfect thank-you note:


  • In addition to writing “thank you”, acknowledge the recipient’s generosity and say a few words about the person and how they made you feel. Reference a single moment that made an impact on you to make your message more personal and heartfelt.


  • A simple-written note makes more connection than awkward formality. Write from the heart as if you were speaking to the recipient in person.


  • Keep it short and sweet.


  • Generally business letters and emails end with “Sincerely” or “Regards”. Instead of using “thank you again”, consider a warmer closing such as “With sincere appreciation” or “Yours truly,” then sign your name.


If you are arranging a bonsai gift to be delivered, feel free to email us your message and we’ll handwrite it for you (a small fee applies). A handwritten card with a bonsai is one of the surest ways to extend your warm wishes, make connections, grow relationships and strengthen emotional ties for a very long time.