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Large Acer Palmatum "Shaina" Japanese Maple Bonsai

Large Acer Palmatum "Shaina" Japanese Maple Bonsai


Acer Palmatum Shaina – is a stunning Japanese maple with beautiful branching that gives it the appearance of a perfectly formed miniature tree.


This compact, upright, round-leaved cultivar concentrates its dark maroon-red leaves in dense tuft or clusters at the ends of the short shoots. Its deeply divided leaves emerge a bright red in Spring, become a dark maroon-red for Summer, and turn bright crimson in Autumn.


Good to know: Richard P. Wolff of Red Maple Nursery, Pennsylvania, discovered a witches’-broom (another cultivar) on a 100 – year – old, 15 M tall Acer Palmatum Atropurpureum in the early 1980s, propagated it, and in 1984 named it ‘Shaina’  


Height: 65 cm from the bottom of the pot

Photo:  21 Sep 2023



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