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Acer Palmatum "Shin deshojo" Japanese Maple Bonsai

Acer Palmatum "Shin deshojo" Japanese Maple Bonsai


Shin means ‘new’ indicating that this cultivar is a later, improved selection of the well-known ‘Deshojo’.


Japanese maples are usually grown for their Autumn colours. Shindeshojo is one of the few Japanese maples grown for its Spring foliage colour rather than the Autumn colours. In Spring as the new buds open they reveal intense shrimp pink foliage that slowly fades to green.


Shindeshojo produces a second flush of mid Summer growth providing a brief splash of light pink. Soft pale rose-pinks and apricots give a subtle show in the Autumn.


Height: 45cm from the bottom of the pot

Photo: 12 Sep and 21 Sep 2023



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