This tree has a nice trunk movement to begin with and may clasify as a 'fairy tale style' especially when the trunk thickens up over time. The easy to grow Chinese Elm with its very leaf and fine branch structure make a natural bonsai. It is one of the most recommended trees for beginners. The Chinese Elms fast growth habit allows you to quickly develop nice mature twigging. Elms are one of the most used trees for bonsai.


This pot is made in UK by Erin Pottery.


About Erin Pottery

Erin Pottery creates high quality hand-made bonsai and accent pots made for enthusiasts by Glyn and Vic Harris, a father and son team. Erin pottery has been selling bonsai pots professionally for over 20 years. All pots are hand-made and are individually glazed, so that every pot is unique. Firing temperatures are from 1260 – 1300°C, so that each pot is completely non porous, totally frost proof and extremely durable. Their hand-made pots will always bring out the best in any tree or plant.


Care guide provided.


Please note, the moss may not be available. 


Product photos: 01 May, 2021, 09 Dec 2020 

Advanced Chinese Elm, handmade pot #11