Gingko Biloba


This is a very slow growing and long-lived, deciduous tree with a large and elegant habit. Gingko trees are known to have origins dating back to Jurassic times and is often referred to as a living fossil. Specimens exist in its native origin, China which are estimated to be over 1000 years old. It has unique, double-lobed, fan-shaped leaves with veins which spread from the stalk of the leaf. The uniquely fan-shaped leaves start out green but change to golden-yellow in Autumn. Before the whole leaf turns golden, there is sometimes a stage during which the leaf is two-toned, with separate bands of gold and green. The common name "maidenhair" was inspired by the fan shape of the leaves, which reminds people of the maidenhair fern (Adiantum spp.). The bark on older specimens of the tree becomes deeply furrowed. A for anyone.  


A truly unique and hardy plant for anyone.   


Plant Photo: 05 Apr 22 

Height: 50cm including its pot







Advanced Gingko Bonsai hexagon pot

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