Photos don't do justice to this wonderful social composition!

The Azalea is one of the most popular bonsai trees worldwide. They grow in a relatively isolated parts of Southern Japan. If you are looking for one of the most sought after bonsai around the world - you've found it. They naturally have miniature leaves which make it ideal bonsai. They've been grown for centuries as garden plants and generations as bonsai. It is an ideal choice for those just starting out because it allows beginners plenty of forgiveness to get accustomed to bonsai care. The Azalea is one of the most loved and most undemanding choice. 


Azalea love being pruned and respond great to Spring and Summer trimming. So make sure you have a bonsai trimming scissor handy.


Product photo: 05 Feb 2021

Advanced Saotome Azalea Bonsai with landscape & figurine