Beauty Berry (Callicarpa) is a beautiful plant that has different look every season. Primarily grown for its eye-catching display of purple berries 


Fluffy mauve flowers along the stems attracts bees and butterflies in Summer. As the foliage is emerging become clusters of tiny purple berries. As the foliage changes colour into magnificent Autumn colouring the berries become the most vibrant purple colour and stay on the plant well through Winter.  


More about the bonsai:

Full sun to part shade lover. Given the size of the pot we recommend placing it in a sheltered location from extreme heat. In Summer it will require watering twice a day due to the size of its pot. They can be brought inside in Winter and Autumn to a location that gets great amount of natural light. Please place it outside in Spring and Summer.



Plant Height 20cm approx. 


Product photo taken: 05 Aug 2020 


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