Here’s a beginner suitable bonsai starter plants. All three plants comes with an easy to read beginner’s book and bonsai shears to start your bonsai journey. The great little book included in this pack provides 101 simple essential steps to create and grow your new little collection.  


What's in the gift bag?


1 X Gingko Biloba

1 X Serissa 

1 X Cotoneaster

1 X Bonsai pruning scissor: Great when it comes to trimming roots, twigs and branches easily and precisely.

1 X Bonsai Book: All you need to know in one simple book to start your own Bonsai collection. This excellent book provides 101 simple essential steps to create grow a Bonsai plant.


Care instructions.



Photo:  23 Mar 2022

Heights: 20 - 30 cm approx

Beginners Bonsai Collection Starters #003