Who wouldn’t like a stylish and edible blueberry bonsai?


This beautiful plant will reward you with small white blooms in the Spring followed by delicious edible blueberries packed with nutrients. As you probably already know blueberries are the king of the antioxidant foods, and their other health benefits are way too long to list here!


In Autumn, the foliage turns a bright red colour which stands out in the garden. A unique bonsai to enjoy the art and fruits!   


Position in full sun and protect from strong winds. Light pruning can take place anytime of the year growing season for blueberries to keep them in shape.


Full sun to part shade, given the size of the pot we recommend placing it in a sheltered location from extreme heat. In Summer it will require watering twice a day due to the size of its pot. They can be brought inside in Winter and Autumn to a location that gets great amount of natural light. For optimum vigor it's best to place it outside in Spring and Summer. 


Photo: 07 Oct 2021 

18cm from the bottom of the pot