Stongly recommended beginners tree. Select this bonsai if you love pruning and prefer forgiving trees. The easy to grow Chinese Elm with its very leaf and fine branch structure make a natural bonsai. The Chinese Elms fast growth allows you to quickly develop nice mature twigging. These are one of the most used trees for bonsai.


More about the bonsai:

Full sun to part shade Chinese Elms are very hardy. Given the size of the pot we recommend placing it in a sheltered location from extreme heat. In Summer it will require watering twice a day due to the size of its pot. They can be brought inside in Winter and Autumn to a location that gets great amount of natural light. For optimum vigor it's best to place it outside in Spring and Summer. 


Height: 21cm including its pot

Product photo: 01 Aug 21

Chinese Elm Bonsai