Dwarf Pomegranate with figurine and landscape. The two wise old men sitting on the grass and chatting simply adds magic bringing your bonsai garden alive for everyone!  


This ornamental plant features tangerine red flowers from late Spring to Summer, followed by brilliant red miniature fruit early Winter. In Winter you will enjoy the plant's branch structure as pictured above. The shallow green pot and fresh green moss landscape complements each other. The handmade Japanese Toro sitting lantern adds more interest and perspective to the whole presentation. The traditional lantern like many aspects of Japanese culture is a synthesis of similar Chinese designs. It integrates the five concepts of Buddhist cosmology into its geometry: the section touching the ground as chi (earth), the next section as sui (water), the illuminated section as ka (fire), the ceiling section as kaze (wind), and the skyward section as sora or ku (heaven or void). The Toro beautiful alone takes another dimention when viewed through this lens.   


Plant Height: 25 cm approx. 


Product photo taken: 01 Sep 2020 

Dwarf Pomegranate with figurine and landscape