This little handsome spruce has a bushy growth habit and doesn't require much pruning. Its miniature needles make it an ideal candidate for bonsai.  This dwarf spruce is an evergreen which basically means they keep their needles throught the year and stay green. Evergreens are very hardy and require full sun. 


About Erin Pottery

Erin Pottery creates high quality hand-made bonsai and accent pots made for enthusiasts by Glyn and Vic Harris, a father and son team. Erin pottery has been selling bonsai pots professionally for over 20 years. All pots are hand-made and are individually glazed, so that every pot is unique. Firing temperatures are from 1260 – 1300°C, so that each pot is completely non porous, totally frost proof and extremely durable. Their hand-made pots will always bring out the best in any tree or plant.


Height: 17 cm from the bottom of the pot.

Photo: 11 Jan 22 


Dwarf Spruce Bonsai with handmade pot