Native to the Mediterranean and Western Asia, the fig tree has been cultivated since the ancient times. Most of the world's figs are grown in Turkey, Greece, Portugal, Spain, and California.


Figs are usually grown for their soft delicious teardrop-shaped fruit, which are sweet, so they're used in desserts, though they work in savory dishes and are eaten whole as well. Fresh fig season is short, but dried figs are available year-round. Due to their short season and fragile nature, fresh figs are expensive but dried, and frozen figs are considerably more affordable. The health benefit of figs is too long to list here. Seriously, who wouldn’t like a stylish and edible fig bonsai?


Please note: This is a deciduous tree which means it will loose its leaves in Winter.


Height: Approx. 30cm including its pot

Product photo: 11 Apr 22

Edible Fig Bonsai