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English Elm Bonsai

English Elm Bonsai


The English Elm is a large deciduous tree with an upright trunk with spreading branching that forms a lovely dense crown. They produce dark green ovate leaves that turn a golden yellow in Autumn.


According to heritage Victoria, English Elm was a popular tree for park and avenue planting in the nineteenth century. Melbourne’s Royal Parade in Parkville (planted in the early 1900s), and the four planted in the Royal Botanic Gardens (in 1846) are some examples of these strong and beautiful trees.


A stongly recommended beginners tree. The easy to grow English Elm with its very leaf and fine branch structure make a natural bonsai. As it is a fast growing plant you will quickly develop nice mature twigging. Like the Chinese Elm, the English Elm is one of the most used trees for bonsai.


Height: 37cm including its pot

Product photo: 18 July 23

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