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Gingko Biloba (Mekken's Mini - Rare) with Gold Plated Bookmark

Gingko Biloba (Mekken's Mini - Rare) with Gold Plated Bookmark


One of the most unusual conifers on earth with striking fan-shaped green foliage in Spring and Summer. 


This deciduous conifer doesn't resemble any others, it is a tree that dates back almost 300 million years old and is widely used around the world for its medicinal properties.  


A long lived tree with many trees in China aged between 1,000 to 2,500 years old. 


Unlike other Ginkgo varieties 

'Mekkens Mini' has very small and dense foliage. This decidious conifer's which unique foliage turns golden-yellow in Autumn before it falls. A must have for rare plant collectors and miniature enthusiasts.


Ginkgo leaves are not only beautiful in their form and structure, but are celebrated symbols of hope, strength, and resilience.


This order comes with a gold plated bookmark.


All our plants come with a general care guide. 


Height: 55cm including its pot

Product photo: 23 Aug 2023


  • General care instructions provided

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