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Japanese Black Pines are one of the most popular tree species used to grow bonsai.

It is considered a classic worldwide.


This little handsome pine has a nice trunk movement and dark green needles. In nature Japanese Black Pines can grow over 30 meters tall, thanks to bonsai this one is just under 22cm!


Being an evergreen tree, it symbolizes immortality and eternity. In addition to this important meaning, (common to all conifers), pine trees also symbolize happiness.


The Japanese Black Pine have a life span of upto 200 years.


The tree releases a pleasant smell when it is disturbed. The smell of the tree is used as a fragrance in aromatherapy, and also air fresheners of the same are available. Another reason why the tree is used during Christmas.


The pot is handmade in UK, by Erin pottery.


About Erin Pottery

Erin Pottery creates high quality hand-made bonsai and accent pots made for enthusiasts by Glyn and Vic Harris, a father and son team. Erin pottery has been selling bonsai pots professionally for over 20 years. All pots are hand-made and are individually glazed, so that every pot is unique. Firing temperatures are from 1260 – 1300°C, so that each pot is completely non porous, totally frost proof and extremely durable. Their hand-made pots will always bring out the best in any tree or plant.


All our plants come with a general care guide.


Height: 22cm including its pot

Photo: 11Jan 2023


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