Japanese White Pine "Fukai"


Pinus Parviflora “Fukai” is a unique form of Japanese White Pine. This cultivar originated as a seedling selected in 1975 in Sweden by Tage Lundell.


The attractive aspect of this cultivar is the strong cream – gold banding on the new growth. The colour however changes slowly to the typical blue-grey colour in Autumn and Winter. The Fukai is also a slow grower, about 1 meter in the first 10 years.

Performs best in a open sunny location.


Given that it is a slow growing conifer (grows up to 25 to 30cm in 10 years) it is an easy to grow, easy to care. Performs best in full sun, medium moisture.


Native to Japan and Korea.


This Japanese White Pine is a truly unique and rare plant for conifer lovers! 


Height: 23cm from the bottom of the pot.

Photo: 23 Aug 22 


Japanese White Pine "Fukai"