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Juniper pre bonsai #001

Juniper pre bonsai #001


What is a pre bonsai?


Pre bonsai is a tree or shrub that have received some preliminary training using bonsai techniques such as wiring and pruning.


This early training prepares the plants to be sold specifically for further development into mature bonsai.


Buying a pre bonsai can be a great way to start your bonsai journey or add to your collection, whether you are a novice or a experienced bonsai enthusiast.


This well-grown pre bonsai is fairly authentic-looking, ready to style for further development, and will be posted root-pruned ready to go in a bonsai pot. If you already have a pot available or in the process of sourcing one of your liking we have the approx. measurements for you. 


Measurements: H: 40cm, W: 25cm


Please ensure you have a suitable free draining soil mix and a pot handy on your plant’s arrival.


By the way, Juniper bonsai is most popularly known as the "Karate Kid" tree. The Karate Kid a successful movie released in 1984 which featured bonsai trees several times. The styling of these trees reflect inner peace and beauty. Juniper bonsai is one of our best selling product.   


Perfect as a gift! 


General care guide provided. 






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