If you haven’t seen a Kasagi yama in early Spring you have missed out a wonderful treat. Imagine a perfect miniature tree that combines stunning Spring growth with spectacular Autumn colours.


The dark veins on pink or purple leaves in early Spring and as the weather warms up the leaves also. By Summer in hot climates the leaves are mostly green but you can still see the nice contrast of the veins. In Autumn strong orange and red colours are complimented by the contrasting veins.


“Kasagi yama” requires some protection from the hot Summer sun. Good amount of morning sun or late evening sun will reward you with much better colours. “Kasagi yama” means hanging over the mountain.


It is a rare, very unusual cultivar, and quite exciting to watch as the new foliage develops in the Spring.

A must have for those who appreciate rare maples.


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30 Sep 21

Kasagi yama Japanese Maple Bonsai