Introduce kids to bonsai with this easy care bonsai kit!


Children learn so much from growing plants, have fun, and gain skills that will benefit a lifetime. These include responsibility, self-confidence, love and care for nature, and creativity to name a few. 


Why ficus?


The Ficus is one of the most easiest bonsai to care for and surprisingly low maintenance plant of all. It is often recommended as the best bonsai for the beginners. 


As Ficus are tropical plants, they need to be protected from frost and cold winds. Annual Summer defoliation helps reduce leaf size and compact growth.


What's in the gift bag?


  • 1 X Ficus Rubiginosa (Port Jackson Fig)
  • 1 X Bonsai pruning scissor: Great when it comes to trimming roots, twigs and branches easily and precisely.
  • 1 X Bonsai Book: All you need to know in one simple book to start your own Bonsai collection. This excellent book provides 101 simple essential steps to create grow a Bonsai plant.
  • Care instructions.


Scissors are sharp, please ensure kids are supervised. 


Please note this item is pickup only. Figurine animals vary.


A great hardy plant for anyone.    

Height: 25cm including its pot (approx)



Sometimes it's not possible to send the exact plant in the picture. If this is the case we may need to send you one that's similar in terms of size, shape, pot and age. The appearance of the tree may vary depending on the season as well.






Kit for Kids - Ficus Rubiginosa (Port Jackson Fig)

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