This unique product is a conversation starter! The large tray shallow pot features a koi pond, and some of the mostly used plants in Japanese gardens. From placement of plants to the positioning of stones you will feel like walking through the path and exploring this miniature garden. The koi pond in the centre features five swimming koi in a sky-blue water with a stone edge to complete this generously sized pond - add water and watch your pond come alive especially with the seperate floating lily. 


The garden also has a traditional lantern which is handmade. Japanese garden sculptures are designed to highlight the natural landscape while seeking to embody Japanese philosophy. The unique miniature garden lantern features a rough stone-like texture. The engraving represents "Eternity" in Japanese. The "Eternity" Lantern will make a great addition to this garden - bringing an aged aesthetic and a historic feel.


The garden consists of pink flowering azalea shrubs, 5 Cranberry Cotoneasters, Bloodgood Japanese Maple, Cloud Pruned Juniper and Shimpaku, Chinese Elm, moss, and rocks. 


Please note this item can not be shipped. Pickup only.


Photo: 15 Sep 2021

Large Japanese Garden in shallow pot with Koi Pond