Pinus Mugo Amber Gold has in deep green needles in Summer as the weather gets cold in Winter the same needles turn a bright old gold colour. This is a great pine for adding a bright highlight to the garden when everything is bare. More intense gold colours if the plant is placed in a sunny spot in Summer and colder location in Winter. A very unique conifer for those who appreciates Winter interest. 


This item is pickup only due to its size and weight.


Photo date: 01 Sep 22

Height: 40cm including its pot 


Please Note: This item is pickup only. These Junipers in figurine pots are all similar in terms of size and shape. The pots are all similar - comes with a fishermen with a fishing rod, bird or lantern on rock. The product will be randomly selected and may vary to the Juniper in the photo. The colour of the tissue paper may also vary. 







Large Pinus Mugo Amber Gold

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