The magnolia 'Lois' has strong yellow flowers with beautiful creamy yellow coloration that open over a period of 3 to 4 weeks. The flowers are very full and creamy yellow in colour and shaped like a tulip. The colour reminds us of lemon ice-cream and darkens as the blooms mature. In the Spring, loads of blooms precede leaves, emerging from large buds with a creamy yellow color that stays strong through the life of the bloom. As the blooms fall from the tree in a shower of pedals, the leaves begin to emerge. The glossy leaves and elegant shape of the tree provide Summer interest. A truly unique bonsai for those appreciate nice trunk movement on a bonsai and unique flowers.  


Plant Photo: 19 July 2022

Height: 30 cm including its pot







Magnolia 'Lois' Bonsai #002

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