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Premium Starter Kit - Atlantic Cedar Bonsai

Premium Starter Kit - Atlantic Cedar Bonsai


Cedars (Cedrus Atlantica) trees are beautiful with broad and elegant shapes with age. Cedar trees symbolize resilience, immortality, strength, and elevation. Found in forest areas of the Western Himalayas and the Mediterranean.  Training Cedar trees are higly rewarding.


Fun Fact: Did you know cedar wood was used in the construction of the great pyramids of Egypt? The ancient Egyptians acquired long boards and logs of cedar from the Phoenicians for use in large projects like the pyramid boats and the great pyramids. 


Ancient Egyptians did cultivate perennial plants in containers for decoration of palaces and temples, but did not shape trees as bonsai in the modern sense :/


What's in the gift bag?


  • 1 X Cedar Bonsai Starter: (prepared & ready to plant in the pot provided).
  • 1 X Container premium bonsai soil: Quality growing media specifically formulated as a free draining mix to prevent waterlogging and root rot, and contains controlled release plant food to feed your bonsai up to 6 months.
  • 1 X Drainage mesh: Drainage mesh is used to cover the holes of your Bonsai pots. The mesh keeps the potting soil from escaping.
  • 1 X Suitable bonsai pot: Perfectly sized glazed bonsai pot.
  • 1 X Bonsai Wire: Bonsai wire is specifically designed to shape branches and small trunks.
  • 1 X container bonsai top dressing gravel: A beautiful blend of deep earth-toned bonsai gravel for the top of your soil to complete your new Bonsai aesthetic.
  • 1 X Bonsai pruning scissor: Great when it comes to trimming roots, twigs and branches easily and precisely.
  • 1 X Bonsai Book: All you need to know in one simple book to start your own Bonsai collection. This excellent book provides 101 simple essential steps to create grow a Bonsai plant. 
  • Care instructions.


Photo: 29 July 2022 


Last photo as example of an advanced cedar bonsai.










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