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Seiju Elm is a dwarf deciduous tree of rounded habit, noted for its excellent foliage and superb flaky bark.


The shiny tiny leaves are dark green and turn a golden yellow in Autumn. Probably the most striking ornamental feature of this beautiful plant is its exfoliating bark, which flakes reveal patches of shades of gray, green, brown, and orange. The trunk features a ridged look as it ages.


The Seiju elm is very easy to prune and shape. Due to their natural vigor, they are very good at recovering from accidental neglect - This aspect makes them ideal tree for novice. As Elms tree react well to pruning this will assist in creating excellent twig structure. The fine ramification, tiny leaves and beautiful bark are some of the characteristics most loved for this tree species.


General care guide provided with all our plant orders. 


Approx. 30 cm from the bottom of the pot.

Photo: 27 Jun 2023 

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