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Shimpaku Bonsai #001

Shimpaku Bonsai #001


Did you know Shimpaku junipers growing in the wild in Japan face extinction due to over collecting between 1900 -1950. Several varieties are in danger of becoming extinct already. Conservationists in Japan are now going back into the mountains and planting young Shimpaku junipers to take the place of those that were removed by the collectors.


Its attractive foliage and beautiful bark make this plant one of the top candidates for bonsai.


Shimpaku Juniper which produces bright green soft foliage and an attractive red-brown shaggy bark. The Shimpaku Juniper is native to Japan, and often the subject of bonsai's most prized trees. The Shimpaku Juniper is one of the most regarded trees for bonsai in Japan and around the world.  


Height: 33cm from the bottom of the pot 


Product photo: 19 Jan 2023

  • General care instructions provided

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