This is a beautiful Desert Ash bonsai with great natural movement. Its been trained for many years by directional prunning of the branches. A easy and hardy plant very suitable for beginners. The bonsai pot is a high quality shallow pot with wire and water drainage holes. The colours of blue and bronze mixture with a unique finish of paint is a work of art on its own by Erin Pottery, UK. 


More about the bonsai:

Full sun to part shade Desert Ash is a very hardy plant. Given the size of the pot we recommend placing it in a sheltered location from extreme heat. In Summer it will require watering twice a day due to the size of its pot. They can be brought inside in Winter and Autumn to a location that gets great amount of natural light. Please place it outside in Spring and Summer. In Spring the leaves will be bright green (see example photo) and in Autumn it turns gold.


Please Note: Moss colour subject to change with the season. It will generally discolour in Summer (depending on exposure) and will return greener as the weather cools down. 


Profile photo: 19 May 2021 

Shohin Desert Ash Bonsai in Handmade Pot