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Tropical Glass Bowl Terrarium DIY

Tropical Glass Bowl Terrarium DIY


Our tropical open-style glass bowl terrariums are a great addition to your work desk, dining table, kitchen or anywhere you’d like to bring a peace of the tropics indoors. With minimal care these terrariums can have a science backed positive effect on your health, reduce stress and fatigue, and even enhance productivity. 


Here are some benefits science says indoor plants may provide:

  • Indoor plants may help reduce stress levels
  • Real plants can sharpen your attention.
  • Working with plants can be therapeutic
  • Plants may help you recover from illness faster
  • Plants may improve your whole outlook on work


What is included in the kit:


3 X Terrarium plants of your choice. 


1 X Premium soil: Quality growing media which contains controlled release plant food to feed your plants up to 6 months.


1 X container top dressing gravel: A beautiful blend of deep earth-toned gravel.


Please note this item is pickup only and you'll get to select 3 plants of your choice.

*The ready-made terrarium photos are examples of our already sold terrariums.

Feel free to contact us if you'd like to order a ready-made one.


All our terrarium kits come with a general care guide. 


Premium quality glass bowl size 19cm x 22cm x 22cm

Bowl weight: 1.61kg


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