This is a stylish twin trunk English Oak Bonsai with a cute little lantern. 

Oak tree is one of the most loved trees around the world. It a symbol wisdom and courage. It is also often associated with honor, nobility, and strength due to its size (in nature) and longetivity. 


Given the symbolic meaning of Oak trees this will make a truly unique gift for a father, grandfather, or as a retirement gift. 


More about the bonsai:

This is a beautiful English Oak tree with great Nebari (visible surface roots) which is a very important aspect of bonsai as it provides a visual balance and maturity to the bonsai. It also has a unique trunk. The beautiful moss complements the base of the bonsai. Oaks are deciduous trees so they naturally shed their leaves in Winter. The product photo was taken on 01 Sep 2020 

Full sun to part shade this English Oak is a very hardy plant. Given the size of the pot we recommend placing it in a sheltered location from extreme heat. In Summer it will require watering twice a day due to the size of its pot. They can be brought inside in Winter and Autumn to a location that gets great amount of natural light. Please place it outside in Spring and Summer. 


The last photo is example of English Oak leaf. Tree photo will be updated when required. 


Plant Height 27cm approx. 


Product photo taken: 01 Sep 2020 

Twin Trunk English Oak Bonsai with Handmade lantern


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