This perfect gift set comes with a large Boutique Gift bag which has a beautiful Serissa Pink Snow Rose, a bonsai pruning scissor; when it comes to trimming twigs and branches easily and precisely. The set also comes with a book that covers everything about bonsai.  This excellent book provides 101 simple essential steps to create grow a Bonsai plant that you can enjoy for many years.


This very unique plant with an interesting branch structure naturally. It is a very hardy plant suitable for beginners. It loves being trimmed and shaped. They have a profusion of yellow starry flowers in Spring and Summer and has that will provide a splash of colour in your collection. The black bark is also a highlight of this interesting plant whether in flower or not this bonsai is sure to impress all-year-round! 


Photo date: 05 Feb 22

40 cm from the bottom of the pot


The appearance of the tree may vary depending on the season (flowers in Spring).

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