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Sweetly scented Wisteria sinensis, commonly known as the Chinese wisteria.


Did you know it can take a Wisteria 7 to 15 years before they are mature enough to bloom?


It is widely cultivated for its twisting stems and masses of scented flowers in hanging racemes, in Spring. The beautiful flowers are masses of drooping clusters, and scented. The pea-like, mauve flowers appear in late Spring before the leaves. Since they bloom more or less simultaneously, they always produce a dramatic floral display. 


Equally attractive is the foliage of dark green, pinnate leaves which consist of 7 to 13 leaflets. Thrives in full sun or part shade, and it is drought tolerant. Best flower production is obtained in full sun. The appearance of the plant will vary from season to season. 


All our plant orders come with a general care guide. 


Height: 47cm including its pot

Photo:  18 July 23 (Winter), flower photos are from Spring. 

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