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B for Bonsai  recommended You Tube channels and websites




Bonsai Empire


You will find Bonsai Empire with indepth information on the origin of bonsai, to related arts, infographics and much much more...They also include B for Bonsai on their Bonsai Shop list for Australia. Be sure to checkout their YouTube channel as well to be inspired.

Bonsai 4 Me

This website has indepth information on bonsai. You will find lots of information from basics to advanced techniques. Checkout the photoseries to see how bonsai can improve over time with proper care over time. You can also purchase the author's recently published book available on our website.

Bonsai Mirai

A great website with indepth information on bonsai. Checkout their gallery, blog and Mirai Live.

Eisei-en Bonsai

Video series featuring the best of the Japanese bonsai world. Each episode covers a different aspect of bonsai culture and design and is aimed at spreading the knowledge of the art around the globe.

Greenwood Bonsai

Video series by Corin from Greenwood Bonsai in UK. Established in 1978 by the renowned bonsai artist and author Harry Tomlinson. If you like advanced trees this channel is for you. 

Herons Bonsai

Video series by Peter Chan, covering all aspects of bonsai maintenance. Herons Bonsai, based in Newchapel in the UK and founded by Dawn and Peter Chan in 1986. You'll love this channel which has video uploads each week. 

Bonsai Tonight

A great educational website from styling to care and much more. A must see if you are just starting out or curious about advanced techniques.


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