B for Bonsai  recommended You Tube channels and websites




  • Bonsai Empire


You will find Bonsai Empire with indepth information on the origin of bonsai, to related arts, infographics and much much more...They also include B for Bonsai on their Bonsai Shop list for Australia. Be sure to checkout their YouTube channel as well to be inspired.





  • Bonsai Mirai

Another great website with indepth information and more. Checkout the gallery, blog and Mirai Live!


  • The Bonsai Art of Japan


Video series featuring the best of the Japanese bonsai world. Each episode covers a different aspect of bonsai culture and design and is aimed at spreading the knowledge of the art around the globe.






  • Bonsai 4 Me


This website has indepth information on bonsai! You will find lots of information from basics to advanced techniques. Checkout the photoseries! You can also purchase the author's recently published book.






  • Bonsai Tonight


A great educational website! From styling to care and much more. A must see!