About us

Welcome to B for Bonsai!


B for Bonsai is a gift oriented bonsai nursery in Melbourne's North offering healthy trees, handmade bonsai pots and more. Bonsai was initially a hobby for us that later turned into a growing small family business. Being a small family gives us the opportunity to offer exceptional customer service.

How did it all start?

The journey began with a small Juniper bonsai. Unlike a manufactured product, it was unique, in an art form, and also alive. ​Since then years past by and the love of bonsai kept growing and so did the wish to share this wonderful hobby with others - especially for those looking for a different gift. 

Why bonsai?

You will agree that most gifts are often a manufactured product which can be found anywhere. Ideally, a gift should be unique and meaningful. But most of us have limited time and searching for the perfect gift can be frustrating at times - we've all been there... You want to avoid the ordinary, save time, but most importantly make a statement. A bonsai can be a truely unique gift for the right person and for many occasions.

Furthermore, many people are out of sync with nature for whatever reason, and bonsai can help reconnect with nature. Allowing city dwellers like us who have limited backyard, or even no yard at all to enjoy the beauty of trees. Bonsai (which means "planted in a container") is an art, a hobby, and a story as it gets older. With minimal care bonsai can live for decades - extending your warm wishes for a very long time. It is a gift that will keep growing!


So if there is a birthday or a special occasion coming up consider a bonsai this time. 

To conclude, our mission is to help people find that special gift - in doing so introduce bonsai to a wider community. For us it's about the journey, and of course the love of bonsai. So if you are looking for a special gift for a loved one order one today, and maybe one for yourself like most of our customers do.

B for Bonsai

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