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Rainbow Sister Japanese Maple Bonsai

Rainbow Sister Japanese Maple Bonsai

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This Japanese maple is a more variegated form of Fujinami Nishiki. A very distinct variegate from the long-established 'Musashino' (syn. 'Nomura') was selected and named in 1998 by Yoshimichi Hirose in Japan. 

The leaves emerge a bright, coppery red, soon showing the bright pink-red, soon showing the bright pink-red variegation on a darker purple-red background for the summer.

Caring for your Japanese Maple Bonsai

Sun exposure 

Japanese Maples do really well in a sunny and airy locations, however they should be protected from harsh summer sun. The ideal spot for Japanese maples is a part sun part shade location. In summer, Japanese maples love water. Water until water comes out of the drainage holes in the bottom. During the growth season, Spring – Summer, a lot of the shaping can be done with trimming alone. General maintenance pruning is to probably trim back to 1-3 leaves on each new shoot especially in Spring.

Good to know: Leaf pruning is the removal of all leaves during the growing season to encourage a second and often finer flush of growth.


Solid, organic fertilizers contain all the required micronutrients, and they take effect slowly and gently. They are very well-proven, especially for more mature Japanese Maple Bonsai. Avoid fertilizers with a high nitrogen concentration to avoid unnecessarily large leaves and internodes.


50cm from the bottom of the pot

Photo date: 05 Jul 24


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