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Corokia Bonsai

Corokia Bonsai

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Native to New Zealand, this very unique plant with an interesting branch structure naturally. It is also known as wire netting bush. The name is derived from the indigenous Maori name Corokia: Korokia

It is a very hardy plant suitable for beginners. Trimmed and shaped without the use of wire. They have a profusion of yellow starry flowers in Spring and Summer and has that will provide a splash of colour in your collection. The black bark is also a highlight of this interesting plant whether in flower or not this bonsai is sure to impress all-year-round. When brought inside for a few days to display they truly look striking.


Sun Exposure

Like most plants Corokia love full sun. This exposure to the sun allows Corokia to maximize their capacity to produce numerous tiny yellow star shape flowers. In a shady location it will produce less.


Moderate fertilization, once a month application is sufficient.


The best time to structurally style or remove branches from a Corokia bonsai is in the early Spring, prior to the onset of new growth. Attention should be paid to avoid cutting the wrong branch which may spoil the structure. 


Height: 40cm from the bottom of the pot.

Date: 01 Sep 23





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