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Cedrus Libani (Kenwith) Bonsai #01

Cedrus Libani (Kenwith) Bonsai #01

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Kenwith Lebanon Cedar

Cedrus libani,  brevifolia ‘Kenwith’ has a natural full-sized tree form in a tiny package. Small rich green needles are in perfect scale to the short erect branches. A slight inward curve to the branches give the plant some added interest. An exceptional conifer for bonsai practice or container plantings where a miniature landscape is the goal. 

This cultivar of Cedar is a truly unique and rare plant for conifer lovers. 


While we want to allow cedar bonsai to dry out between waterings, it's important to understand the tree will be using more water, and therefore will be drying out faster than many of its more rugged counterparts. 

Sun Exposure

Cedar bonsai prefer full sun. 

Good to know:

Selected 2012 Collector’s Conifer of the Year by the American Conifer Society.


Cedars will produce a lot of needle growth and will elongate quickly when fertilized aggressively during development.

With moderate fertilization, Cedar bonsai tree will produce a fair amount of growth. Once a month application is sufficient.

Photo: 19 Apr 24

Height: 27cm from the bottom of the pot.





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