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Copper Beech Bonsai - Large

Copper Beech Bonsai - Large

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Copper Beech, Purple Beech is a beautiful, large, deciduous tree with a densely pyramidal to rounded spreading crown. Its attractive leaves are broadly elliptic, lustrous, coppery to deep purple which turns copper-red in Autumn. In late Spring small yellow-green flowers are on display. These beautiful trees can grow up to 15-18m and 9-12 m wide when planted in the ground. A low maintenance beautiful tree with all season interest.  

Purple Copper Beech is a beautiful, slow-growing deciduous specimen tree with copper or purple foliage that can be seen throughout Spring and Summer. In Autumn the leaves turn a deep reddish/purple. 

Sun Exposure

Copper Beech love full sun. This exposure to the sun allows Beech trees to maximize their capacity to produce intense foliage colour.


Moderate fertilization, once a month application is sufficient.


The best time to structurally style or remove branches from a beech bonsai is in the early Spring, prior to the onset of new growth. 


Height: 57cm from the bottom of the pot.

Date: 01 Jan 24





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