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Crassula Ladies Fingers Bonsai #002

Crassula Ladies Fingers Bonsai #002

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What makes this succulent so unique is the shape of the leaves. The leaves are fleshy, elongated and tubular with an indentation at the end that is reddish in color and a little wider than the rest of the leaf. 

Small clusters of white flowers appear from the heads in Winter. 

Care of this succulent bonsai is the same as for any jade plant. As a houseplant, you can grow this plant in sunny location. Between waterings, let the soil dry out completely.

With its narrow tube-shaped, glossy-green leaves with reddish tips that look like long fingers this bonsai is sure to impress. Easy to care, perfect for your balcony or patio, and will make a perfect house warming gift.

Photo date: 03 Feb 24

Approx. Height: 27cm including its pot

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