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Ficus Rubiginosa (Port Jackson Fig) Bonsai #001

Ficus Rubiginosa (Port Jackson Fig) Bonsai #001

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Ficus Rubiginosa (Port Jackson Fig) is highly regarded as a bonsai plant and often recommended as ‘the very best tree for the beginner to practice with’ and ‘extremely forgiving to work with’.

The foliage is bright shiny green above with a velvet rusty underside. They are small compared to the Moreton Bay fig but, like all figs, they have a milky sap.

Caring for Ficus bonsai

Sun exposure

Like most tropical plants, the Ficus Rubiginosa requires a lot of light, preferably a sunny location, we grow them in a part sun part shade location outside where they get protection from the cold weather in Winter. Protection from the cold in Winter is recommended by placing it away from the wind in a cosy corner or they can be brought inside.

If growing indoors, try to find a sunny spot. Water the soil thoroughly and wait for the water to drain through. In the cooler months, your plant won’t need much water.

Good to know:

A cool feature of this plant is the aerial roots.  The plant sends down aerial roots from the trunk and branches which, when they reach the ground quickly form roots and become much thicker. They supply nutrients to the fig, allowing it to grow faster than the host tree.

Once a month application is sufficient during growth season. Feed with a liquid form according to application instructions. It is important for the soil to be moist when the plant is fertilized. This eliminates the risk of root burn.


Photo: 27 Jan 24

Height: 35 cm from the bottom of the pot


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