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Japanese White Pine #002

Japanese White Pine #002

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Japanese White Pine  

Sun Exposure

Pines love full sun. This exposure to the sun allows pines to maximize their capacity to produce tight, dense, compact growth and gives them the strength they need to thrive.


Pines will produce a lot of needle growth and will elongate quickly when fertilized aggressively during development.

With moderate fertilization, pine bonsai tree will produce a fair amount of growth. Once a month application is sufficient.


The best time to structurally style or remove branches from a pine bonsai is in the early Spring, prior to the onset of new growth, or the early Autumn. 

For refinement, pine should be pruned right after its first flush hardens. This allows for a much more manageable and controllable push of growth.

Letting the Spring flush growth exist on your pine will encourage more aggressive growth. 


Photo: 23 May 24

Height: 26cm from the bottom of the pot.





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