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Juniper Bonsai #006

Juniper Bonsai #006

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One of the most popular bonsai trees, Juniperus procumbens ‘Nana’, serves excellently as a gift for anyone with an interest in bonsai.

Juniper bonsai is most popularly known as the "Karate Kid" tree. The Karate Kid a successful movie released in 1984 which featured bonsai trees several times. The styling of these trees reflect inner peace and beauty.

Juniper grows as a sprawling ground cover plant if left to its own. In its natural form as a wide and low shrub. That wide growth habit is precisely what makes Juniper so readily trainable as bonsai. Because of its natural low and spreading growth habit, it can also be easily trained in cascading and windswept styles as a bonsai tree without much hands-on training. It’s in the name! Procumbens refers to the plant’s procumbent, or prone and prostrated, nature of growth. Juniper is a great choice for bonsai beginners because of its hardiness and ease of training. Native to Southern Japan. Ironically, they’re not as popular in Japan because some bonsai enthusiasts consider them to be too easy!


Sun Exposure

Junipers love full sun. This exposure to the sun allows junipers to maximize their capacity to produce tight, dense, compact growth and gives them the strength they need to thrive.


Juniper will produce a lot of foliar growth and will elongate and thicken quickly when fertilized aggressively during development.

With moderate fertilization, juniper bonsai tree will produce a fair amount of growth. Once a month application is sufficient.



The best time to structurally style or remove branches from a juniper bonsai is in the early Spring, prior to the onset of new growth, or the early Autumn. 

For refinement, juniper should be pruned right after its first flush hardens. This allows for a much more manageable and controllable push of growth.

Letting the Spring flush growth exist on your juniper will encourage more aggressive growth. 


Height: 23cm from the bottom of the pot.

Date: 30 Jan 24





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