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Trident Maple Bonsai #001

Trident Maple Bonsai #001

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Trident maple, (Acer Buergerianum) is one of the most popular deciduous tree species for bonsai. Its characteristic leaf shape with three pointed lobes reflects its common name. In spring the leaves, which grow in an opposite pattern, unfold with a pretty orange tinge before they turn green over the summer and develop bright fiery Autumn colours from yellow to orange and red. The bark is smooth and grey on younger trees and flakes off on older trees, leaving cinnamon colored patches.


Caring for Trident bonsai

Trident maple is a deciduous species, it can tolerate some dryness in the soil and the soil should never be sopping wet.

Every tree needs a balance of water and oxygen, and trident maple—like any broadleaf deciduous species—leans toward the water-heavy side, preferring to be moist and damp. 

However, because trident maple can tolerate some dryness in the roots, you want it to dry slightly between waterings—but never become bone dry.

In general, trident maple bonsai should be watered regularly and keep a fairly consistent amount of water in the container for it to be successful.

Good to know: Leaf pruning is the removal of all leaves during the growing season to encourage a second and often finer flush of growth.

Sun exposure

Since trident maple is such a durable broadleaf deciduous species, it can tolerate the sun well and benefits from full sun in the Spring and Autumn.


Trident bonsai enjoy organic feed.

Moderate application of once a month is all that's necessary to keep your bonsai growing strong.

General care guide is provided with all our trees.


Photo: 28 Jun 24

Height: 33cm from the bottom of the pot


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